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Essential Documents Truckers Need to Register for IRP Plates

Essential Documents Truckers Need to Register for IRP Plates

IRP ( International Registration Plan) plates are needed when a trucker needs to cross borders to conduct an intrastate commerce business. Registering for IRP plates is one of the crucial things a trucker has to do if he wants to enjoy a hassle-free trucking business across borders. As a trucker, operating across various states or jurisdictions is a necessity, and for remaining compliant with it legally, truckers have to obtain IRP plates

Many people assume that big business organizations and enterprises are needed to keep the economy afloat. And often it has been seen that the trucking industry is overlooked. However, it is the only industry on which the whole economy runs. The delivery of many different goods, including wood, stones, and pharmaceuticals, is accomplished with the aid of trucks. Hence, the trucking industry must therefore continue to abide by the law in order to perform its operations across jurisdictions by registering for IRP Plates. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the documents truckers need to get their IRP plate registration done easily without any hurdles. 

IRP Application form

This is the most important document needed to register for IRP plates. The registrants need to fill out this application form. And this form usually requires crucial details to be fulfilled like legal business name, address, contact information, and also the USDOT number. Apart from this, it is also pertinent to fill up other basic details related to the fleet, model, Vehicle Identification Number, and GVWR (Gross weight Weight Rating). 



Evidence of Business Existence

When registering for IRP plates, one needs to provide proof of the trucking business’s existence as well so as to showcase the legitimacy of the trucking business. This might include a business license, articles of incorporation, and various other documents to check the business’s legal status. 

Mileage Records 

Truckers are also asked to provide mileage records that play a critical role in calculating the registration fees to travel across each jurisdiction. Accurate and up-to-date mile records are a must to be maintained. Truckers can make these records use of electronic logging devices for keeping a record of trucking mileage efficiently. 

Insurance Proof 

To be eligible for IRP plates, truckers must have liability insurance coverage. Proof of insurance is needed to be presented by truckers that include the details of coverage and the extent of coverage for the vehicle.  

IFTA Credentials 

The truckers who have to conduct interstate commerce also have to register for IFTA certification ( International Fuel Tax Agreement ). And in case it is required, the truckers will also need to submit the IFTA credentials along with the IRP registration application. 

Fee amount 

A fee amount also has to be paid for the registration. The total registration cost is based on the number of jurisdictions the trucker will undertake and the total distance he covered within each jurisdiction. It is vital to pay the correct amount so as to avoid delays in the registration process. 


Since IRP is a vital component for conducting a trucking business across jurisdictions, so one must follow all the steps above for registering for the same. To successfully register for IRP plates, contact pioneer trucking solutions now as they smooth the process of any trucking business’s interstate travel.