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IFTA Services: Who is required to file IFTA tax? 

IFTA Services

IFTA Services: Who is required to file IFTA tax? 

Have you ever heard about IFTA? If not, then you should know that it is a cooperative agreement among U.S. states and Canadian provinces. It simplifies fuel use reporting for inter-jurisdictional carriers. It ensures that taxes paid on motor fuels are distributed fairly among the jurisdictions where the fuels are used.  

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IFTA Services

But before applying for it drivers must know who is required to file IFTA tax. Understanding it is essential for motor carriers to comply with regulations and avoid penalties.

Interstate Traveling Vehicle: 

It is necessary to file IFTA tax for drivers or business operating their vehicles across the state. While travelling drivers will not face difficulty in fuel tax reports as IFTA covers 48 states in the US and 10 provinces in Canada. 

Qualifying Motor Carriers: 

Qualified motor vehicles across state or provincial lines are required to participate in the IFTA Tax program. According to IFTA regulations, a qualified motor vehicle is one that 

– Has two axles and a gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000 pounds (11,797 kilograms).

– Has three or more axles regardless of weight.

Vehicle Operating For Commercial Purposes and Crossing State Lines: 

Businesses or drivers are required to apply for IFTA tax to confirm that the vehicles are used for business purposes and not for personal use. It is vital for every vehicle to cross state lines either occasionally or regularly. Even if they are operating in a single jurisdiction you may still be required to file IFTA Tax. 

Fuel Types:

If somehow the vehicle operating inter-state fails to comply with IFTA tax requirements then you may face severe consequences. So it is necessary in every aspect to file it. You need to file for fuel types such as diesel, natural gas, petrol and other fuels normally used in motor vehicles. 

How to File IFTA Tax?

Quarterly Reporting:

There are certain ways through which drivers can file for IFTA tax returns and out of many one is quarterly reporting. Motor carriers must file quarterly IFTA tax returns with their base jurisdiction’s IFTA authority. The due dates for these quarterly returns are typically the last day of the month following the end of the quarter 

Required Documentation:

When filing IFTA tax returns being a driver you need to provide detailed records of:

– Total miles traveled by each qualified motor vehicle in all jurisdictions including taxable and nontaxable miles.

– Total gallons of fuel consumed by each qualified motor vehicle in all jurisdictions.

– Detailed records of fuel purchases, including dates, locations, and amounts.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

If failed to meet the IFTA services requirements it will cause you to bear penalties which include fines and interest. Your IFTA license may get suspended which can disrupt operations and lead to further financial consequences.

Final Words!

By understanding who is required to file IFTA tax and adhering to its reporting requirements commercial vehicle drivers can navigate interstate transportation smoothly and efficiently. Embracing IFTA a vital aspect of transportation business empowers drivers to navigate the difficulties of fuel tax regulations. 


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