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Reasons Why Commercial Truck Plates Are Made Mandatory by Law

commercial truck plates
November 9, 2022 admin_pioneer No Comments

Reasons Why Commercial Truck Plates Are Made Mandatory by Law

Commercial truck plates whether prorate plates or IRP plates, every commercial vehicle is required to be registered under a specific motor vehicle act applicable in different provinces of Canada. There can be several reasons why such rules were made for commercial truckers.

In this post blog, trucking experts from Pioneer Trucking Solutions® would discuss some of the key reasons why registering your vehicle with Canadian law was made compulsory.



commercial truck plates



1. Registration Helps Estimate The Numbers:

The first reason why it is so is that getting your commercial vehicle registered helps authorities keep a track of the number of vehicles on the road which helps them estimate possibilities of traffic by estimating the number of heavy vehicles on the road. Apart from this, doing so helps them identify any illegal movement of goods that may cause any type of physical or social damage.


2. Doing So Helps In Proper Tax Collection: 

When a registered truck is on the road, it most probably is obliged to pay for the fleet it takes in advance. Moreover, the record can also help assess the exact amount of tax to be collected by the government of Canada on the basis of the number of trucks on road and the load they carry. All this reduces the chances of tax evasion.


3. This enables Government To Regulate Commercial Vehicles And Their Maintenance:  

A lot of truckers in Canada used to ignore their truck’s health and lifespan. However, due to stricter rules, truckers are kept under heavy supervision. This also helps to persuade them to take care of their vehicle and it’s health.


4. It Also Enables Successful Prosecution In Case Of A Crime:

These days it is not easy to use vehicles for committing a crime. Thanks to vehicular registration. With the help of the records of registration, the government is able to prosecute the culprits. This further adds to the overall safety of the general public.



In short, without commercial truck plates it is nearly impossible to move commercial vehicles between provinces or even locally. Therefore, one must get his truck registered. For an easier registration, contact us any time of the day. We will be very happy to help you.