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Benefits of E-Logs & Elds in the Trucking Industry

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Benefits of E-Logs & Elds in the Trucking Industry

Being a trucker, if you are not familiar with e-logs and elds solutions Calgary, then let us guide you about that. As we are here with this amazing and really informative blog, you will not only learn about what E-logs& Elds are but will also know what benefits you will get if you use E-logs and ELDs services. 

So, let’s start by providing you with the basic information regarding these solutions and then the benefits.

Let’s dwell on:

What are E-logs &  ELDs (Electronic logging devices)?

E-logs (Electronic Logs) and ELDs (Electronic logging devices) are basically part of an electronic logging system that makes it easy for truckers to keep an accurate record of their hours of service (HOS) data. By doing this, truckers get the benefit that they don’t have to pay much attention to the manual records, and whenever there is any need, they will have the proper record.

Other than this, truckers also try to meet the technical specifications set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) through the help of these advanced solutions.

After knowing about these services, now is the time to know what the benefits of e-logs and elds solutions Calgary are for truckers. So, let’s start by shedding light on the benefits:

Solutions help improve accuracy

Sometimes, truckers make mistakes when trying to keep the record manually but end up making mistakes So, in case to reduce their record-keeping problem, these solutions are the best to help them. As the ELDs are installed in commercial vehicles, it makes it easy for the truckers, as their working hours are recorded automatically and would be properly accurate. In order to get this benefit, truckers tend to use trucks with these devices installed.


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Solutions result in saving the time of truckers

Another benefit that truckers will get if they drive commercial vehicles with these hardware devices pre-installed is that they won’t have to manage to keep manual record files with them. By manually managing the record, their time would get wasted, so in order to make that easy,  truckers should take the help of these solutions and manage their work. 

Helps in cost reduction

By managing every record automatically, truckers & the company that hired them get the convenience of not having to face problems like paying penalties, fines, etc. Other than this, they will have the convenience of knowing if the driver’s schedule will be managed or not and whether will they be able to save fuel or not. 

Solutions help simplify inspections

With the help of these solutions, it would become convenient for truckers to know that while their vehicle is getting inspected, anyone can check from the recorded data anything about their commercial vehicle. So, this would be really helpful for the truckers and company if they used to drive commercial vehicles with pre-installed ELDs.


After knowing about these e-logs & elds solutions, trackers actually get the idea that if they took the help of these, their truck driving would become really convenient, and without stressing about keeping the working records, they could actually go on long trips. 

So, in case, you still have any queries related to these solutions and how they can help you in an easy way, you can get in touch with our professionals today and get the answer to all your problems.