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Essential Things Required By Truckers For Successful NSC Audit

NSC Audit

Essential Things Required By Truckers For Successful NSC Audit

Are you a trucker but not aware of the fact which essential things are required by them for a successful NSC Audit? If yes, then there is no need for them to worry more.

It’s because we are here with this really knowledgeable blog post through which everyone will get the idea of which things are required and they should keep in mind to get successful results.

NSC Audit

Let’s look at the list of essentials required by truckers for the NSC Audit (National Safety Code):

1. Detailed Documentation

Documentation is the backbone of any audit that truckers successfully want to make. So, in order to make that possible truckers should maintain accurate and up-to-date records of various aspects related to their vehicles like the operations, maintenance records, trip reports, etc. 

These all are actually important to be kept by the truckers for further processing because these provide auditors with a clear picture of the safety measures in compliance with NSC regulations.

The following are some important papers required for a National Safety Code audit:

  • Appropriate driver’s license: truckers should have a proper copy of their driver’s license to submit timely.
  • Safety regulations and practices: a written documentation of the organization’s safety rules and practices.
  • Trip report: A list of all the excursions, routes, and incidents that took place while traveling to various jurisdictions or doing any work.

2. Vehicle Maintenance & Inspection Reports

Properly recording maintenance of the commercial vehicles by the truckers is the best way to get successful results for the audit. So, if truckers have maintained thorough records of all vehicle inspections, repairs, and maintenance then they can submit this timely and get the best results. 

By reviewing these reports, auditors conveniently be able to see whether the fleet is being regularly serviced or not, and if any issues are promptly addressed then how they can be overcome.

3. Safety Training Report

Another thing that truckers should submit is whether their vehicle and they have passed all the safety training or not. And if they have, then auditors will conveniently be able to help the truckers in further proceeding of the audit process.

Otherwise, they will priorly confirm to the truckers that at first they should go and get the safety training report.

4. Incident & Accident Reporting

Accidents and incidents can happen, but how appropriately truckers respond and report them is crucial. So, truckers should maintain accurate records of all incidents that occur during their travel trips, no matter how minor, and major they are.

Through these reports, they will be able to demonstrate that they have taken appropriate corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.

5. Trucker Qualification Details

Another thing that NSC auditors usually examine is that they check thoroughly about the driver qualification files. By reviewing these auditors make sure that each driver’s file includes their qualifications, driver’s license, medical certificates, and records of training, etc. to quality their audit successfully. 

Other than this, they even check whether the truckers have regularly updated their files as per the changes or not.


Successfully passing an NSC audit is essential for truckers because only then they will be able to maintain their commercial operations and, more importantly, ensure the safety of their drivers and even their vehicles on the road.

Other than this, if you have any queries related to the audit process and want to get your audit done in a professional way then you surely should get in touch with Pioneer Trucking Solutions right away