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NSC Audit Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide for Trucking Companies

NSC Audit
February 5, 2024 admin_pioneer No Comments

NSC Audit Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide for Trucking Companies

In this fast-paced world, where trucking companies need to use various commercial vehicles, they have to follow a myriad of compliance rules. Out of those, keeping a positive track record of NSC Audit is vital. 

What are NSC Audits, it’s importance, and what checklist, we will navigate through it in detail in this blog post. So, let’s proceed. 

NSC Audit

What are NSC Audits? 

In Canada, the provincial regulations governing the commercial vehicles, motor carriers and drivers are based on NSC audits. NSC which is the National safety code has the 16 standards involved. This regulation is structured to create a code that shows the minimum performance standard for the safe operation of passengers and the commercial vehicles like trucks. 

NSC focuses on three main components

  • Drivers
  • Vehciles
  • Motor Carriers 

The NSC standards are distributed between these above-said components. Let’s have a look on those standards NSC is a set of minimum performance standards which are made of the following:

Standard 1 # Single Driver License Concept 

Standard 2 # Knowledge and Performance Tests 

Standard 3 # Driver Examiner Training Program 

Standard 4 # Driving Licensing Classification 

Standard 5 # Self-Certification Standards & Procedures 

Standard 6 # Determining Driver Fitness in Canada 

Standard 7 # Carrier & Driver Profiles 

Standard 8 # Short-term Suspension 

Standard 9 # Drivers Hours of Service 

Standard 10 #  Cargo Securement 

Standard 11 # Maintenance & Periodic Inspection

Standard 12 # CVSA On-Road Inspection

Standard 13 # Trip Inspection 

Standard 14 # Safety Rating 

Standard 15 # Facility Audits 

Standard 16 # Entry Level Training ( Class 1) 

Now that we have elaborated our understanding of different standards in NSC Audits, we would have a look at the NSC audit checklist, so let’s dwell on the following: 

Important Documentation 

The first thing that the company would need is the necessary docs. This can include driver records, vehicle inspection reports, maintenance logs and so on. These essentials are important to conduct a smooth NSC audit. 

Driver Qualification Essentials 

Another primary condition is to have proper driver qualification proofs. Such as having the necessary training credentials, commercial driver’s license ( CDLs ), driving records free from violations, and also safety & compliance course details and certifications if done. 

Vehicle Inspection Reports & Maintenance Logs 

The NSC Audit scrutinizes the inspection reports and also the maintenance logs. So, keep up the maintenance and always keep the records updated for your ongoing efforts to keep your commercial fleet in top condition. 

Hours Of Service Compliance Details 

Keep your positive history of hours you have worked as per the limits designated by government authorities with you. This is also required for an NSC audit. 

Trucking Company’s Robust Safety Policies Details 

One of the most important aspects of compliance is creating and implementing strong safety policies. Make sure you enlist the safety policies of your trucking company for anti-harassment, drug and alcohol testing, and other safety-related procedures. 

Proofs of Internal Audits 

Before the external NSC audits by the government, it is also important to carry on the internal fleet audits as well. This puts a good impression on the regularities and also makes your business successful. Keep the proof of internal audits with you during the NSC Audit. 

In Conclusion 

So, this was all about the NSC audit, and how the processes are carried out to its detailed checklist. NSC audits are designed so that all the trucking functions can be conducted safely, even cross-borders. 

If you also want to know more about NSC audits or want to avail reliable trucking services, then you can contact Pioneer Trucking Solutions in Calgary, your one-stop destination for all trucking solutions.

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