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Important Truck Driver’s Fleet Maintenance Tips for a Smoother Journey

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Important Truck Driver’s Fleet Maintenance Tips for a Smoother Journey

The profession of being a Truck Driver is extensively challenging as truckers have to cover journeys over different jurisdictions irrespective of the time concerns. A truck driver has to face various hazards while being on the road such as rain, fog or snow but they have to cover the miles to get their job done. So for a smoother journey, it’s pertinent to keep a trucker’s fleet maintained and in the good condition. At that point of time, it becomes essential for truckers to adapt to their vehicle’s safety and compliance rules for making their trucking journeys hassle-free and convenient. 

Maintaining a truck fleet is crucial for ensuring safety, efficiency and longevity of the vehicles. So, here in this blogpost, we will share some truck maintenance tips that every trucker must follow before initiating the truck travel. 


  • Scheduled Maintenance 

Scheduled maintenance means adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance rules. Trucks and other driving vehicles especially which are heavy need intensive maintenance which means regular oil and brake pad changes or engine upkeep and so on. Being proactive for any kind of sudden vehicle breakdown can protect truck drivers from any kind of emergency on roads. Apart from this, regular servicing helps in eliminating breakdown of vehicles and extends the life cycle of the trucks. 



  • Pre and Post Inspections 

Pre and Post inspections are must to be done for ensuring driving safety. These inspections are crucial as per federal regulations as well and must be performed everyday when the journey has to be initiated or post completion. Always pay close attention to the air compressors, air brakes, brake pads, drums or rotors and other sorts of things like that if they are performing well or not. 


  • Tire Maintenance 

Tires are must to be kept in sound condition always. Before starting your truck travel, rotate the tires as manufacturer guided you when you bought it, this strategy will help you know if the tires are in feasible condition to take you on the long journeys. Maintain proper tire pressure to improve fuel efficiency and tire longevity. This would help you in accelerating the safe truck journeys. 


  • Compliance with DVIRs ( Driver Vehicle Inspection Report )

DVIRs are required for commercial vehicles by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for maintaining a record of DVIRs for keeping the fleets compliant with DOT regulations and to ensure that trucks stay safe on the roads. DVIRs empowers drivers to complete fast inspections via a mobile app that triggers alerts so that you can remain stick to the regular vehicle upkeep plans. 


  • Fleet preparation for adverse Climate

Climatic conditions intensively worsen the fleet’s conditions so in the snowy season, install snow tyres, testing heaters and also use the winter-grade lubricants.  Because without these important winter measures, it won’t be possible for the truck drivers to carry on truck travels in the winters. Plus, the truck drivers must be given training for driving in the adverse weather conditions. 


  • Cleanliness and Appearance 

Maintain the trucks’ interior and exterior cleanliness and upkeep. Corrosion and degradation can be avoided with regular cleaning. This is the first and foremost thing every trucker must adopt for conducting a soother and the hygienic truck journeys. 



So, these are some of the most important vehicle’s safety and compliance tips every truck driver must take into account. Because any kind of discrepancy or carelessness on part of the driver can lead to a fatal accident, therefore remaining aware beforehand is always necessary. And if you are also a trucker and looking for availing of the top-notch truck safety and maintenance services, you can contact Pioneer Trucking solutions in Calgary.