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Things You Must Know About Prorate Plates When in Commercial Trucking Business

January 19, 2023 admin_pioneer No Comments

Things You Must Know About Prorate Plates When in Commercial Trucking Business

First off, you should know that prorate plates are issued for those commercial vehicles that regularly travel between two or more jurisdictions. These plates are important for all those commercial vehicles that are used for delivering any kind of personal or professional goods from one to another jurisdictions. 


The commercial or heavy vehicles that have prorated plates can perform various tasks such as picking up and delivering goods from one place to another through roads. Truck drivers, travelers, and users can get the prorated plates by registering themselves on the ICBC platform. At ICBC, the users can register for the plates through the usage of various prorate services that highly skilled professionals recommend to them in the market for their commercial licensing. 



How to Register for Prorate Licensed Plates?


In case, if the drivers want their own prorate plates for traveling and shifting goods between various jurisdictions. The drivers and travelers need to create their own account first as this process takes time and after the completion, it would become easy for them to get the plates. The process of account creation usually takes 5 working days to create an account for travelers and once it gets successfully created they can get their prorate license plates themselves. 


There are a few steps or things that they all need to follow for their successful creation of an account such as in case they are registering themselves through the company. At that point, they need to submit the documents through the company name and registrar. Other than this, there is also a need to submit more important details by them related to their commercial vehicles such as the weight, the axles requirement of the vehicle, and so on.


How Fee of Prorate Plates Calculated?


Instead of all other registration methods, the fact that needs to be considered is that the fees that are applicable for processing prorate plate application is calculated based on the percentage of total distance traveled by the vehicle within each jurisdiction. 


New Clients Requirement Forms for Prorate Plate Applications:


A variety of forms need to be filled out by the clients to complete the requirements or registration process to get the prorate plates for their commercial vehicles. The important forms are mentioned below.

  • Agreement to maintain records: This manages the record of all the listing of requirements that are required by the user at the time while filling out the application.

  • Established Place of Business Questionnaire: Through this, the user will get to know whether they got qualified and whether their account got created or not. 

  • Distance: Through this, the user will be able to fill address, contact info, and distance traveled kind of detail to the application. 

  • Vehicle: In this, the user or traveler can fill the details related to vehicles such as how many vehicles they have, their axles, and others. 

  • Weight: By providing this information, the traveler or driver of the commercial vehicle will get to know that either they can take their vehicle to another jurisdiction or not. This means whether the weight is appropriate to carry goods and travel or not.


So, in case you are into trucking and have been paying fines due to being an unregistered trucker, do reach experts at Pioneer Trucking Solutions. It is a decent place where you can easily apply and get your prorate licensed plate without any hassle.